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When we look at the shape and form of the current market, we could say that buying and selling has come a long way from its traditional brick-and-mortar roots. After all, commerce of any sort has always been a source of income and profit for some; nowadays thanks to technology anyone can take part in buying and selling through a variety of channels. Profiting from selling in-demand items is challenging as a way to make good money, but it can be very rewarding under the right circumstances. Indeed, anyone can take to the Internet and sell stuff on an online marketplace or on auction sites like eBay. This has allowed buying and selling to be much faster with more varied items and stock than ever before, and many sellers have stepped up to provide this key service to as many buyers as they can handle.

Not all goes well, however, and eBay sometimes suspends sellers and buyers alike for a variety of reasons. This is a very disagreeable thing to have happen, as it could tie off your cash flow and stop your income in one disappointing, fell swoop – or it could remove a very far-reaching source of goods if you are a buyer. There are a variety of possible reasons for one’s suspension, but it is sadly just as easy to be suspended for a seemingly capricious or frivolous reason. Suspension can be a result of violating an eBay policy, or out of mere suspicion for it by an overzealous eBay. In any event, it may be frustrating for an eBay seller to suddenly have to deal with a problematic situation such as this, and they must return to active eBay performance immediately.

One immediate remedy that they can try to apply is to seek an eBay suspension appeal. This needs to be done quickly in order to resolve the issue to the user’s satisfaction. First, the user must be aware and clear on what it was that got him suspended. The reason will usually be emailed, along with a recommended action. There should be a form through which eBay can be contacted, with a “My account was suspended” header. A good early step is also to check your eBay balance if you can by using the “select invoice” option.

An eBay suspension appeal can be filed, with the appealing party needing to submit proof of certain facts that would absolve him from a suspected case such as non-payment if that is what got him suspended. He would also do well to be as informative as possible about the context that resulted in the complaint or problem that got him suspended, and why he deserves to have it lifted. Appeals may take up to 10 days to process, but it wouldn’t hurt if the user kept in close contact with eBay to ensure that his situation gets addressed fairly and in good time. An email notice should be sent to the user within or after that period with information on the outcome of the eBay suspension appeal.

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