eBay Suspension? Fight Back with eBay Stealth!

So, you have yourself an eBay account and you’ve built up a pretty stable business by selling various items online. And you’re doing great! At the end of the day, you give yourself a huge pat on the back and sleep like a baby, knowing you have a solid source of continued income. Or so you thought.

You wake up and out of the blue, you get a message from eBay letting you know that your eBay account is suspended (suspension). You rack your brains trying to figure what went wrong – why would eBay suspend you? Desperate, you attempt to create another eBay account and continue selling once again,and then… Bam! EBay suspends your 2nd account without any warning or any kind of explanation. You try to contact eBay support but the replies you get are scripted and never ending. You won’t get your account back, trust me.

EBay uses advanced tools to “sniff out” and link accounts created by the same person. A stealth account is an account that bypasses eBay’s systems and passes you off as a different user, even though in reality, it was created by the same person! More and more suspended eBay members are forced into this position. It’s not something they want to do. It’s something they must do to keep their business alive.

What is a stealth eBay account? The term eBay Stealth was coined by aspkin with his guide, eBay Stealth. With eBay Stealth you’ll learn how to create multiple eBay and PayPal accounts after an eBay suspension. The more accounts you have the more income you can potentially generate. So how do you create a stealth account after an eBay suspension?

In my desperation I spent months analyzing the technology eBay uses to link and shut down accounts. After tons of trial and error I cracked the code!

Is your eBay account suspended (suspension)? Is your PayPal account limited? I highly recommend you read eBay Stealth, the complete step by step guide to getting back on eBay and staying on after a suspension.

With eBay Stealth you’ll get the following and more:

  • Lifetime Updates, Get free lifetime updates of ‘eBay Stealth’. This means that you will get a new version of eBay Stealth as it’s updated!
  • Learn to be Fully Anonymous, You will learn how to cloak your online presence, not only for eBay and PayPal but this can be used anywhere else you might go online.
  • Get Back On, You will learn how to get back on eBay. I’ll show you how to NEVER get suspended again!
  • Anonymous Credit Cards, Learn how to get credit cards with ANY name, address and phone number.
  • Prevent Account Linking, I will show you how to prevent your eBay and PayPal accounts from ever becoming linked and suspended again!

Not only did I get back on eBay: I quadrupled my sales because of the tips and secrets I discovered. I wasn’t limited to only one account anymore, no – I could spread my sales over multiple accounts, very handy with today’s selling limits.

Don’t get me wrong, you can find bits and pieces of this information throughout the internet. But do you really want to spend months looking for the right information and then waste time trying each method to see if it works? Creating new accounts in vain, and wasting time and money.

Why do that when I show you the EXACT step-by-step method I use to create stealth eBay and PayPal accounts that are Guaranteed to Work!

Get your copy of eBay Stealth at eBayStealth.com

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