How to get your eBay account back after a suspension

What if one day you wake up to an eBay Suspension and lose your eBay account? How would you get your account back?

If you’re serious about getting back on eBay and buying or selling again, you’ll have better luck setting up a new account rather attempting to get your old account back. Once suspended, eBay makes it very difficult to get back on. They’ll ask for personal account details including your drivers license, passport, item receipts, statements, etc. They’ll want you to fax this information to them and wait for weeks while they take their time getting back to you.

The chances of getting back on eBay are slim, so what other options do you have? Some would go as far as creating a second eBay account, attempting to avoid detection. However eBay is able to track your IP address, browser cookies, personal account details, etc. And If suspended they’ll use this information against you if you try and create a new account.

So how do you create a new eBay account?

In opening a new account make sure that computer is clean and free from any bugs and threats. Using Firefox or internet explorer would be your best options in opening a new account. It would be best for you to create a new account using a new yahoo or g-mail email address to avoid meeting the same problem in the future. Also, apply for a new eBay and PayPal account. Basically, it is just the same as starting all over again. Creating a new account with a new email address will ensure that you are taken as a new member and the system does not have any record of your account having been suspended in the past.

If the above recommendations do not work, then, the best thing you can do regarding your eBay suspension is to contact eBay directly. If you have any concerns regarding your account being suspended or if you want to inquire on how you can get a new account, you can e-mail your concern to any eBay representative and simply wait for their reply. Usually, it would take weeks before you get a reply, so be patient. If they do not reply after waiting for a month, then, do the process again and send them another email. If it works this time, follow the suggested steps to get back to eBay that they will recommend. Once you successfully get a new account and get back to eBay, make sure that you read all the terms and conditions they have. Learn from the past and you’ll definitely keep the cash flowing.

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